Bethlehem Peace Light arrived in Malta from Catania last Saturday, 31st December, 2016.

On Saturday, 7th January, 2017, a simple but significant ceremony will be presided by H.E. The President of Malta, Marie Louise Coliero Preca at San Anton Gardens. The General Public, representatives of all denominations and of civil society are invited to this manifestation of Peace.

The possibility of bringing over to the Maltese Islands, a live Bethlehem Peace Light has always been with the invaluable assistance of the Directors and Staff of Virtu Ferries Ltd.

Official Badge to commemorate St George's Day Parade on the 24th April, 2016.

In Rabat, Malta.

Official Badge to commemorate the 5th Anniversary since the Foundation of the Scout Federation - Baden Powell Scouts Malta

2011 - 2016

Last Monday, 21st December, 2015, for the second time running, the Bethlehem Peace Flame, was brought to Malta from Catania by the Scout Federation - Baden Powell Scouts Malta. Once again the live flame was handed to the Federation's Officials by Matteo Rampula, General Secretary of Federazzione Scout Europa (FSE) -ITALIA. The Beethlehem Peace Flame travelled in a hurricane lamp and kept in a container for safety.This was possible once again with the assistance and courtesy of Virtu Ferries Ltd.

At the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, burns a flame at the site of Christ’s birth. This flame, kept lit for centuries, is the Bethlehem Peace Light, symbolizing peace, love, and goodness. Christian nations from around the world take turns donating the oil to ensure that this Peace Light is never extinguished. It is said that in the 12th century a crusader brought home a gift of the Peace Light for his family to share this great goodness.



World Federation for Independent Scouts in Malta

Baden Powell Scouts Malta, a Scout Federation founded in 2011 hosted this year the European WFIS Workshop in Malta. The aim of the annual Workshop is to foster further cooperation between Scout Organisation across Europe. Fifty Five scouts from various Scout Organisations hailing from Denmark, Italy, Sicily, Belgium, Germany, England and Switzerland were in  Malta for the workshop held between the 27th and 29th September, 2013.  Members of the WFIS European Steering Committee, were also in Malta for this year Annual Workshop. Participants stayed at St. Joseph Retreat House in Mosta. On Saturday, 28th September, Qormi Baden Powell Scouts Head Quarters was officially inaugurated by Mr. Margon Sørensen, No.1 Chairperson of the European WFIS Steering Committee. Qormi B-P Scouts demonstrated to participants how to prepare the Maltese Ftira which was served as mid-day lunch. In the afternoon, Workshop participants toured by coach the outskirts of Valletta, Bormla, Birgu and Hagar Qim ending in Rabat. Participants were served with Maltese sweets and tea and coffee in shade of the Mdina Cathedral.  Afterwards they took a short walk to Mtarfa, where they were introduced to a number of historical landmarks in the locality. The tour concluded with the Tower Clock where they had the opportunity to savour one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Island. Parents and Scout Leaders treated workshop participants to a Maltese Night in the courtyard of Mtarfa Baden Powell Scouts Head Quarters. Mr. Margon Sørensen unveiled a commemorative plaque of the 2013 WFIS European WorkShop in Malta at the Baden Powell Scouts Malta Island Head Quarters in Mtarfa. In the morning this year’s  workshop officially closed with the flag down, a word of thanks by the President & International Commissioner, Baden Powell Scouts Malta, a concluding speech by No.1 Chairperson of WFIS Europe Mr. Margon Sørensen,  and a presentation to each participant with the commemorative badge.

Baden Powell Scouts Malta is a registered NGO with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. ref: VO/0652


 Commemorative Badge of the Event

2nd Anniversary Badge

Baden Powell Scouts Malta now registered NGO

BPSM is a Registered NGO - Ref No: VO/0652





A letter of Thanks from the Office of the President

Baden Powell Scouts Malta                                                   World Federation of Independent Scouts




Baden Powell Scouts Malta and its aims 


The predominant aim of the Baden Powell Scouts Malta Association is not in any way a rival to any Scout Association in Malta or abroad.because it shares the same ideals of the Scout Movement as projected by the Founder, Chief Scout of the World, Lord Robert S. Baden  Powell of Gilwell.  The main difference between the Baden Powell Scouts Malta and to most other Scout Associations, is in the approach and application on how best to put into practice the philosophy of the Scout Movement through the Scout Method. The Baden Powell Scouts Malta is today a very small association and intends not seek high numbers unless it grows naturally as happened with the Scout Movement in its beginnings over 100 years ago. Baden Powell Scouts Malta opholds Traditional Scouting which in its entirety remains attractive, applicable and effective in modern times. Traditional Scouting safeguards the original teachings based on the ‘Scouting for Boys’ the book of scouting instruction written by the Founder. Baden Powell Scouts Malta follows Traditional Scouting which predominantly aims to educate young people and young adults with the assistance of Adults. B-P Scouts apply informal and non formal approaches to education through the learning by doing. Traditional scouting makes use of models of approaches to education pertaining to working in teams, living in communities, help others at all times, give a voice to those who need through active and good citizenship, take responsibility to lead others and are always aware of the needs of others.


The Training Approach - The Scout Method Approach


In a Maltese society with an upsurge in illiteracy notwithstanding the positive social and economic development that our Country has gone through, it is wrong to assume that unless a person knows how to read, write and operate a computer, is not fit to become a scout or scout leader and good citizen who is ready to give a service to assist others. The Founder surrounded himself with people from all walks of life, because it is the experience of life that makes the person and not only certificates of competence emanating from formal education. That is one of the reasons why the Scout Movement exploded in numbers around the world in the first century of scouting. The uniform, the common scouting philosophy and the scout method of education are the foresight  of a genius – The Founder – Robert Baden Powell.  Baden Powell Scouts Malta endeavours to follow the same steps of the Founder.

Training, is an important issue in Scouting. It has become a tendancy in other Scout Associations, n the recent years moved away from an informal and non-formal approach for the education of young people and adults to an approach which in several aspects is resembles more to formal set-ups of learning. The training of Adult Leaders in Scouting was designed by the Founder on informal and non formal learning approaches. In this scenario, over the years, a number of Scout Associations adopted approaches to scouting instruction that are alien to the Scouting Method with the result that scouting skills, scouting craft and competencies have deteriorated considerably.  This approach in practice promotes social exclusion and segregation in society. It may easily produce a mismatch in the service a scout association is expected to give to different levels of intellectual acumen possessed by young people and adults.


Quality Scouting for the 21st Century

Powell Scouts Malta aims at quality scouting, and is not interested in huge numbers. BPS-M aims to achieve the objectives of Scouting by applying traditional approaches of scouting instruction and training which has proved for many years to be the base of the Scouting legacy. BPS-M seeks to work with all youth organisations including the Scout Association of Malta.

When it is time to 'Go Home'


B-P Scouts Malta believe in diversity, the right of free association and freedom of expression. Diversity and conflict are the source of creativity and renovation which are prevailing components in today’s management of people of all ages. B-P Scouts Malta endeavour to leave a better world by the time B-P Scouts are ‘prepared’ to ‘Go Home’.





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